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About Us

We Make London believe that creative individuals deserve a place to sell their work that is affordable and attainable. We Make London was created to enable talented people to make a living designing and making things, uniting buyers with makers at fun filled fairs and exciting events. 
We Make London offers designers the opportunity to sell directly to buyers and offers buyers something unique in today's fast-paced, throw-away world of mass production. Quietly brewing for the last few years, on and offline through knitting clubs, blogs, forums and small independent shops and boutiques, the underground craft scene has exploded onto the public arena. Encouraged to discover this handmade world, consumer awareness is now rife with the notion of buying gifts that are meaningful, unique and made with passion. 
With this in mind, price-conscious consumers are changing their shopping habits to be more selective. However, they still deserve and want something special and the designer-makers of We Make London perfectly sum up this new mood in shopping. It’s time to take a refreshing break from high street monotony, into the exceptional world of the We Make London designer’s products. Individuals are finally being rewarded for having such talent and creativity.
How it all began... 
We Make London was formed in 2008 by a group of like-minded designer-makers with a can do attitude, united by the lack of affordable places to sell their products. The original We Make London team met on a handmade chat forum, searching for places to sell their work that were affordable, had the right creative vibe and would not mean having to compete with mass-produced, imported goods. Five years later, We Make London is flourishing after many triumphant events and We Make London events are now one of the top showcases for the work of some of the UK’s most exciting design talent. 
We Make London is run by Mary McDermott and a small group of designer-makers with their own small creative businesses and continues to present the public with imaginative events organised by the makers, for the makers.