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"Branding your creative business"- a handmade brand bootcamp with Abi Bansal

About: Abi is a Professional Photographer who actually began her handmade career selling handmade items on Etsy. A visual specialist, with a background in ecommerce and merchandising, she soon realised the images of her products were proving more popular and so ditched the sewing machine around seven years ago and has been running a successful Photography business ever since. 

A huge proponent of social media and the benefits of developing a personal brand, Abi also works as a Digital consultant, helping businesses large and small with their web presence. 
The Workshop will be a half day intensive session aimed at anyone who wants to build a better business. You might have a clear goal in mind, or be unsure of your direction. Maybe you want to refresh things or perhaps simply feel overwhelmed by being your own workforce, marketing team and CEO!
We'll work through a checklist of all the elements of a successful handmade business, take a look a look at branding, how to build a tribe via social media, how to make things look their best and perhaps most importantly, learn how to inject a little of your personality into everything you do, not just your products. Abi will share her own failures and frustrations and help you to view your business in a new light. She will also share details of how she grew her business with next to no money in a saturated marketplace with very little experience, proof that anything is possible!
This is a great opportunity to meet others, share experiences and make small changes for maximum results. Focus will be on achievable change without huge financial outlay and the aim will be to inspire people in business, whatever level you are at. 
Workshop description:
The session will primarily ask (and answer!) the following questions-
-What is a brand?/ What is MY brand and is it important? We will ask the important questions all creative businesses should ask themselves. We will look at case studies and identify patterns in successful businesses and work out what makes them work... and apply it to you!
-How can I get more exposure and be seen in the right places? We will explore brand alignment, helping you develop your business that people want to talk about. Abi will share tips on how to take the best possible images with even the most basic equipment, create the most exciting copy and clever use of social media, blogging and other avenues to help you get the word out.
-The Personal touch. Abi will share her formula for injecting personality into your business and, most importantly- how to set and achieve your business goals for a more creative life!
To book a place please book through the EventBrite link below:

Saturday 7th March

1pm - 5.30pm

We Make London Gallery, 6 Malden Road, London, NW5 3HR

£25 per person