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Here at We Make London we love to combine forces with other creative folk to work on special projects. Here are a few of the talented folk we collaborate with:

Abi is an International Photographer who currently calls Bristol, UK home. She specialises in Portraits, Fashion Editorial and Lifestyle work. On her first professional photoshoot she fell off a low wall and ended up stuck in a privet hedge, such was her enthusiasm to do the best job possible! Since then you will be glad to know she has kept the mishaps to a minimum! In addition to working with some top fashion brands, Abi has had work published in major publications and several books. She also shoots Weddings for the style conscious couple looking for something a bit special. She loves a creative challenge and is always happy to discuss creating beautiful visuals for a campaign or business.

Take a look around Abi's portfolio, or for updates on her most recent work, or behind-the-scenes, check out her blog

LunaRei is a collaboration between London based graphic designer Reinette de Villiers and artist Linda Skoglund. Linda is an Artist Educator from Sweden with a background in film. She often works with schools and in the community, teaching, collaborating and sharing what she's learned in her career. Her creative love has no boundaries. From painting, print making to film editing. Linda is a multi media creative with a lot to give and a keen desire to push herself further. "A life worth living is a creative life”.

Photographer, Stephanie B, has been taking photos of everything and anything she can find since 2007. Stephanie likes to make an interesting photograph of a normal object/subject and look at life from different angles which are a departure from the norm! Stephanie loves to travel and spends a great deal of her time exploring new places and finding new things to capture with her camera!