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Crowdfunding Talk and Workshop

We are very please to announce that the team at Please Fund Us -  a great crowd funding platform will be doing two talks at our pop up boutique in Camden.

Dates: 5th  June 2013 6.30 - 8.00PM and 27th June 6.30 - 8.30PM

Venue: We Make London Pop up Boutique, 53 Camden Lock Place, West Yard, London, NW1 8AF

Booking Details:
5th June
27th June

Full info:


5th June 2013: 'How To Crowdfund Your Creative Idea'



Description: Funding your creative idea can be challenging to say the least. Luckily, digital innovation has supplied us with a brand new way of raising money! Tarkan Ahmet, Co-Founder of PleaseFund.Us, will give an introduction to crowdfunding, discussing this risk-free method of fundraising and how almost any creative idea can become a reality. He will explore the do’s, the don’ts, and the absolute musts. This is a 360’, all-encompassing tour of crowdfunding, which will outline the basic steps, from start to finish, of how to crowdfund your idea. 
After the talk there will be a opportunity for Q&A’s and an open-floor discussion followed by a networking session. 
27th June Workshop: 'Developing your creative idea by breaking it down and re-building it into a crowdfunding campaign'   
Description :This is a chance to really explore your creative idea with a crowdfunding professional, Tarkan Ahmet, and take it a part, only to then re-build it in the form of a crowdfunding campaign.  We’re inviting 10 passionate individuals, who already have an idea in mind that they’d like to crowdfund, to join us for this intimate and collaborative workshop whereby we will be re-building each individual idea as a unified group. Participants will get the chance to collectively help develop other ideas as well as gaining specific dedicated attention to their own, all with the aim for preparing themselves for the launch of their own crowdfunding campaigns.  Help us help you, help shape your creative idea into a crowdfunding campaign with this exciting and interactive workshop. 
Hosted by Tarkan Ahmet, this session will run for approximately one and a half hours and will add the finishing touches to 10 already established ideas, and prepare them for what it takes to develop into a crowdfunding campaign.  Tarkan will start the session by inviting everyone to introduce themselves to the group as well as delivering a 1 minute elevator pitch about their idea. The session will then be split up into 3 distinct stages, where Tarkan will specifically analyze the need for a good video pitch, creative pledge rewards, and a targeted marketing strategy. At each stage, the group will collectively dissect each other’s ideas and collaboratively build upon the advice given by Tarkan: All with the aim so that at the end of the workshop they will hopefully have the knowledge to go away and successfully launch their own crowdfuding campaigns.
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