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Designer Feature Series: Meet Cecily Vessey

About Cecily Vessey:
I am obsessed with all things architectural, monochrome and graphic. Since graduating in 2009 I have worked to build a successful retail and wholesale business as well as working on a variety of freelance projects such as illustrations, wedding invitations, orders of service, special edition cards and special edition mugs and tote bags. I am based in South East London and love to work on one off projects.

All of my drawings come from the observation of bulidings - it is not just one architectural type that catches my eye, but the combination of the many different types in each of the individual areas of a city. I use the lines and the particular details that engage my attention to create drawings that have both a graphic sense and a wonky charm.

Best Sellers:
Over the last couple of years my egg cups have remained a firm favourite also this year my new milk jug and larger water/gravy jugs are proving very popular too.
We Make Christmas Pop Up Shopping Experience:
This Christmas fair I will be selling, notecards,  first edition prints, ceramics - including egg cups and mugs, screen printed tea towels and tote bags and some very special new cushions.

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