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Designer Feature Series: Meet Flaming Lily Glass

About Flaming Lily Glass:

Flaming Lily Glass is me, Michelle Hunter.  After a fair number of years working in libraries, I set up a creative business as I wanted to do something which would stretch me and allow me to develop my creativity.  As I don’t have much formal glass design training (it’s all been experimentation!) and little business training either, it’s been quite a baptism by fire at times, but well worth it.  The attraction of glass is always about the play of light and my aim with Flaming Lily Glass is to create items for the home which serve a purpose but are beautiful and elegant at the same time. 

I draw inspiration from all over the place and find I am usually attracted to something primarily by colour or light or both.  Nature is a big influence, as it is for many people, but I also find forms of architecture which provide a strong sense of place to have quite an influence on me.

Best Sellers:
My bestsellers are definitely dishes featuring my Seastone design  This really came about by chance as I was working on something else entirely and although I loved the colour I wasn’t happy with it and decided to break up the glass (always therapeutic!). The resulting fragments looked so great I wanted to show them off and incorporated them into a design, which I then called Seastone because of the blue-coloured geological appearance of the strips.
We Make Christmas Pop Up Shopping Experience:
As well as my usual bowls and platters, I have also been making a range of stocking fillers for the fair.  These smaller dishes can be used as trinket holders, soap dishes or even as glamorous spoon rests for the kitchen.
I will also be showing my new glass name sculptures for the first time.  These freestanding glass names make wonderful presents for occasions such as Christenings or maybe even Christmas!  They will be appearing on my website very shortly if you would like more information before the fair.
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