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Designer Feature Series: Meet Retropoodle

About Retropoodle:
I trained as a costume maker in London and spent time producing costumes for theatre and TV. I've been making for many years but decided recently to start a business  producing home accessories and selling through craft fairs and online. It was while costume making, that my love of vintage materials began and my interest in using beautiful forgotten textiles grew. Retropoodle came about from seeing handmade and vintage style products in shops and made me think 'I can do that!'. I love quirky and unusual objects and I hope people like my style too!  

I am very interested in the 'up-cycling' movement. I love to use vintage fabrics, buttons, lace and crochet in my work and reinterpret something old and used into something new and unique. Using materials with a history makes it interesting to think of what life it has had before and giving it a new purpose ensures it lives on and that a new history is being given to it by a new owner.

Best Sellers:

My 'Retro Hares' have been very popular with all ages and are my signature work in that they are completely made with vintage fabrics and buttons which is what 'retropoodle' is about.
We Make Christmas Pop Up Shopping Experience:

 At the Christmas fair, people should expect to see my woodland animal cushions that have appeared at a few events along with some new product ranges. I have a 'Boudoir' pillow range made from vintage scarves and embroidered linens, beautiful accessories for everyone's special boudoir! I will also be selling cute little owls filled with lavender and camomile that can be hung by beds to help aid sleep and made especially for the fair, I have robin tree decorations that smell of Christmas!

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