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Our Camden Shop is Closing on the 26 April 2015

The We Make London team would like to thank all of the amazingly talented designers that have sold in the shop over the past two years and all of our wonderful supportive visitors and buyers.

Message from We Make London Owner: Mary Osakwe

"As much as I am a bit sad to share the news that our shop is closing, it is all for an exciting reason. Firstly, the Camden shop has continued to be an amazing little hive of creative and unique items. Visitors comment daily on how wonderful the shop looks and the amazing range of beautifully made products. What started as a two month pop up has been an amazing and happy two years as a home for We Make London and its designers.
As a lot of you may already know, I got married last year and am now entering a new journey in my life as a mum. I am very happy and excited that I am 11 weeks pregnant. Due to the stress (good stress) and huge work load of running a shop that is open 7 days a week in a very busy part of London, it is becoming a struggle for me. So, I have made the decision to close the shop sooner rather than later so that I can focus on some smaller projects for the rest of the year. I plan to take a short break after the shop closes before planning some fun things for the rest of 2015.
We have enjoyed the experience so much of having a permanent shop, that we will most definitely open another shop in the future, once I am able to commit as much time again. So, our little shop is closing but this is certainly not the whole of We Make London closing. Our last day open to the public will be 26th April 2015. We wil have some great closing offers in the shop from 20th -26th April.
Join us for Celebration drinks on the 22nd April!
We would also love to invite you all to join us for drinks at the shop on the 22nd April from 6pm - 8pm this is so we can celebrate the success of the shop for the last 2 years and the continued success of We Make London and all of our fantastic designers for th future. We look forward to seeing you there. There will be beer and wine (soft drinks for me).
Again thanks for your continued support and watch this space for future We Make London projects.
Mary xx"
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