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Tea Tasting

In our first tea tasting class - Introduction to the Fine Tea World -  we'll guide you on an experiential journey through the fine teas of Japan, Taiwan and Korea. We will be brewing, tasting, appraising different types of tea, speak about tea history and learn about tea benefits. 

Along with tea, we will be enjoying delicious handmade gluten-free snacks.

Each participant will also receive a lovely gift to take home.

You will learn:

  •  what tea actually is and which kinds we know
  •  key points in the history of tea and specifically about fine and rare teas of Japan, Taiwan and Korea
  •  how to appraise tea leaf material in order to distinguish good from poor quality 
  •  key tea brewing factors for achieving that perfect flavour each time
  •  how to get the most out of your tea through correct storage and handling
  •  about tea and health

We designed this class to be experiential, so you will not just be listening and watching, but will actually get to experience the teas by touching, smelling, tasting as well as preparing them yourself. This way, we will have much more fun, and by the end of the class you will really feel well equipped with new skills that will help you enjoy your teas so much more.

Cost: £30

To book click HERE


Sunday 15th March

2pm - 4pm

We Make London Gallery, 6 Malden Road, London, NW5 3HR

£30 per person