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We Make London Gallery First Show!

We are very excited to host our first show at the new gallery. The show is a collaboration between three of our favorite designers Cecily Vessey, Alice Tams and Georgia Bosson. 


Two Week Show:

Opens Monday 12th January 2015

Open 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm

Show closes 25th January at 6pm

Cecily has been involved with We Make London since our first early craft shows in Chelsea many years ago so we couldn't think of a more fitting show to launch the gallery. 

Alice and Georiga joined Cecily at our Kew Gardens Christmas event in 2013. 

Presenting Studio Klubo:

Three London based designers come together as 'Studio Klubo' and take the helm for the opening two weeks of a new pop up Gallery in Kentish Town.

Taking place from the 12th to the 25th of January, emerging designers Georgia Bosson, Cecily Vessey and Alice Tams will be showcasing their work in the first of a series of pop ups in a new venue on Kentish Town's Malden Road.

The artist-led venture is the latest of the 'We Make London' shops and markets, a platform created to help designer-makers based in London sell and promote their work.

For the first two weeks it will be home to three artists bringing together their particular specialities to form 'Studio Klubo'. You will be able to browse Georgia Bosson's colourful, contemporary home wares & stationery, Cecily Vessey's iconic London skyline ceramics and prints and Alice Tams's quirky illustrated gifts. The pop up shop will be hosted by the artists themselves for the entire two weeks. This grants buyers the unique opportunity to purchase directly from the maker and be part of London's burgeoning 'pop up shop' scene.

The Little House Kitchen’s delicious gluten free cafe will be open 7 days a week at the back of the shop and the artists will be completing a collaborative live mural throughout the fortnight.


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